Theses are some cheats by Cranberry K. Im not good at cheats so Cranberry K let me have them.

Here are all the cheats and secrets I know! ~Updated~

~The magnificent table of contents~

1. Log on as two penguins at a time on the same computer
2. Secret places                                                                                                                                                                                            3. Secret agent answers
4. Mission 1
5. Mission 2
6. Mission 3 & 4!!
7. Money cheat
8. Time cheat
9. How to be a Moderater (aka mod)
10. Thin ice cheat
11. Sledding in the sky
12. G’s mission fire-puffle cheat
13. Ice fishing
14. Flashing words
15. Walk in the sky
16. Stay beside the sign to the snow forts
17. Walk over the Gift shop
18. Walk over the Coffee Shop
19. Editing other’s igloos
20. Jet Pack Adventure cheat
21. Have over 100 buddies
22. Astro-Barrier
23. Stand on a penguin
24. Yellow box glitch
25. Wall furniture on floor
26. Walk on the walls of the lighthouse
27. Throw snowballs very fast
28. Wave very fast
29. Talk and dance with the newspaper
30. Fly with the newspaper
31. Walk really slow
32. No-name puffle
33. Appear on the Ski Lodge stairs
34. Talk in a ultimate safe-chat server
35. Walk over the table in the HQ
36. Robot dance (and other dances)
37. Walk on mine shack
38. Walk on Beacon light
39. Cool clothing glitches (2)
40. Nub
41. Standing on the other path
42. Feed your puffle anywhere
43. Secret level on Pizzatron
44. Floating clothing items cheat
45. How to tip the iceberg
46. Gliding
47. Emotions


NOTE: I think this may only work on Macintosh computers.

Really cool cheat! First of all, take two internet pages up. You need to have at least two penguins on ‘remember me’ and ‘remember my password’. Log in fully on one of your penguins. On the other page, go to Club Penguin also. Yes, you may think this is impossible to do now, because it’ll say, ‘Multiple connections detected. Please disconnected old connections.’ But, it isn’t impossible. Just follow these instructions: So right now it should say multiple connections detected, right? All your penguins who are on ‘remember me’ should be there. Press tab. A yellow box should appear around the one of the penguins. Now press ‘enter’ (on your keyboard). Now, you should be at the country selection part. You can’t see the countries because that ‘multiple connections detected’ thing is up. But, everyone knows how the countries are in line. Press tab again. A box should appear around the first country, U.S.A. But, say on the first page you logged on to Canada. So click tab again. Now press enter. You should be at the server selection part. Say you went to North Pole on the first page. Press tab until you get to North Pole. Now press enter. Now you’re on the same server as you are on the first internet page. You can still walk around and talk if it says multiple connections detected. How to talk: Press tab and you should be able to type in the chatbox. Press enter to say it. Now you can talk to each other! Have fun with this cheat!

The Dojo: Purplish mountain on the top of the map
The iceberg: Very right of map, white thing floating in water
The mine: A little higher than the PLaza, little square box
The mine shack; inside the mine
The Cave: The plaza, the pothole
The Boiler room: The speaker in the Night Club

1. Honest
2. Being mean or rude
3. Report them
4. Saying their adress
5. I want to keep Club Penguin safe
6. I want to help other penguins

Then the next time you log on, you will get the spy phone and stuff.

Talk to Aunt Arctic. Next, when you’re finished talking to her, go to the ice rink. Go to the right until you see three photos on the ground. Pick them up. Then, go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo. Give her the pictures. Now, go to the Pet Shop. Keep going to the left until you see a note attached to a brown puffle-house. Click on it. Now, get your secret code out on the right. Figure out what it says. The reason why I’m not telling you what it says is because it always says something different! Anyway, the first part is ‘G has ___ pairs of socks’ (eg. 23 socks.). Now go to the sport shop. Talk to ‘G’. Say, “Yes, please!” Then say,
“Do you have any SPECIAL items?” Then type in (like my example) ‘23′. Then he will show you some spy gadgets. Click on the one on the bottom of the self. The ‘life preserve shooter’. Then go to the iceberg. You will see a bunch of penguins on an ice block in the ocean. Click on them. Then click on your ‘life preserve shooter’, and click on them again.
It’ll say in the corner how much wind there is in a serten way. Say it’s 80 on the right. You want to go to the left so it won’t blow your life ring away. Oh, and by the way you’re aming to the penguins on the ice block. After all the penguins have returned to the iceberg, click on the green penguin. (Talk to him). Now, go to the mountain. You’ll see a brown penguin crying. Talk ot him. Now, get out your spy phone. Click on the red blinking light. Three tools will come out. Take the rench, and then click on the telescope. Now, look through the telescope. (By clicking on it). Keep going to the left until you see the tallest mountain of Club Penguin. You’ll see a green puffle flying around it. Now go to the Sport Shop. Now put the ‘grappling hook’ (the one on the top shelf) into your inventory.
Now go to the tallest mountain in Club Penguin. Go up until you can see the top of the huge mountain. Take the ‘grappling hook’ out of your inventory, and click the top of the mountain. Once you’re at the top of the mountain, you’ll see a green puffle. He will show you to the other puffle, who is taking a picture. Now go back to Aunt Arcic’s igloo. Keep talking to her until the mission’s over. Then you can recieve the medal and the letter.


Talk to ‘G’. Say, “I’m here to recieve my mission.” Now click on him again. He wants a secret word, right? The secret word is ‘mogul’. He will show you his new invention; the prototype sled. Put it in your inventory. Now go to the ski mountain. Pick up the prototype sled and click the sign, ‘test run’, and test G’s sled. Ok, now your testing his sled. But, don’t try your hardest, just crash until the sled brakes. Because at the end of the test you just crash anyway. Now, you end up in the wilderness. Pick up a piece of string, which is right in front of you, and put it in your inventory. Now go to the right until you see a book which says, ‘Survival Guide’. Put it into your inventory. Now go forward where you’ll see a bush with berries in the distance. Pick three berries and put them in your inventory. Now go forward where you’ll see a stump in the distance. Click on one of the puffles. (it doesn’t matter which). All of them will run away except the balck one. Now, feed the black one a berry. By the way, these berries are called ‘0′ berries, so that’s whaty I’ll be calling them for now on. He will go on fire. Then he will become your friend, and stay with you everywhere you go. So, now go to the left and go forward to a cave-like thing in the distance. Go into the cave. Click on one of the rocks you see in the cave, any rock. They will go into a circle, like a fire. Now you can exit the cave. When you’re out of the cave, keep going to the right until you see the stump again. Once you’re where the stump is, keep going to the right until you see a bush and a log in the distance. Once you’re at the place with the bush and the log, you’ll see a ski stuck in the bush; put it into your inventory. Now go back ot where the stump is. Once you’re at the stump place, gop to the place with the ‘0′ berry bush again. Go to the left a little until you see a a tree with a pot in it. Cick on the tree three times to shake the tree. Then the pot till come out, and onto the snow. Put it into your inventory. Now go back to the stump. When you’re at the stump, keep going to the right until you see the cave. Go there. Now, go to the left until you see a stream. Go there. Once you’re there, You will see a perfect looking log. Put it into your inventory. Keep going to the left until you see the stream up close. Once about every ten seconds you will see a fish jump out. Open up your inventory, and pick up the string. Put the string onto the ski. (in your inventory also). The string will tie onto the end of the ski. Pick up an ‘0′ berry, and attach it to your string-ski contraption. You have just made a fishing rod! Now, pick up the fishing rod and put in the stream. You will be fishing now. Wait until the rod starts pulling, and the fish will get caught. Pick up the fish and put it into your inventory. Now go into the cave. Go to the place where it looks like a fire pit. (that you made with the rocks). Put the log into it. Then put the survival guide into the fire, too. Then make sure your black puffle friend is on top of the fire. Now feed him an ‘0′ berry, and he will light the fire. Now, after he lit the fire for you, go back to the stream where you caught the fish. Now get the pot out of your inventory, and put it into the water. It will scoop up water for you. Put the pot with the water in it into your inventory, and go back to the cave. Put the fish onto the fire. Then click it again to eat it. Now, put the water onto the fire, for it to boil. Then click on it to drink it. Now you’re starting to fall asleep… Then you wake up. Now go out of thew cave, and you will see an agent with a jetpack. He will take you back to G. You are now done the mission, and you can collect the medal and the letter.

Talk to the other agent until he locks the vault (I wish he didn’t!!!) It doesn’t really matter what you say right now, just ask him “Does it appear to have been tampered with?” so he’ll lock it. To get him to try to open it, say, “Good. Now open it again so we can investigate.” When you are done, go to the door that says “Staff Only – Office”.
You will see a computer. If you click on it and press the power button, you will see that it needs a disc (actually, a floppy drive, but they call it a disc). If you look around, you will see two important things – a door to the roof, which you can only acess later, and an orange couch. Look under it and click on the square object that is slightly sticking out to look under the couch. Add the disc and paper clip to your inventory. Insert the disk into the computer and turn it on. After it loads and the picture of a penguin over the letters ‘OS’, a folder will appear labeled ‘My Files’. Click on this, and three pages will show up. The first is Items, which lists all the items in the clothing catalog, the second is Combination_Number – more on this later, and the third is a game called Ice_Bricks. In Ice Bricks, you can waste hours just trying to get to the highest level you can, but unless you’ve already beaten this mission, don’t bother. Click on Combination_Number to find the combination number – N stands for North, E stands for East, and so on. When you have it memorized or written it down, go back to the vault, enter the code, and open it.
The poor newbie agent didn’t notice the coins on the ceiling – and neither did anyone else, including the manager mentioned in the news! (news is the second-to-last newspaper in March of 07) Haven’t any of those penguins ever thought of looking UP?? Now, how to get them down? Click on the coins, and comfort the agent until he stops talking. When he does, your inventory should pop up automatically, and your spy phone is ringing. You’ll recieve a message from G (Gary the Gadget Guy, mastermind of CP and the head of PSAs). Meet him in the Headquarters, talk to him, and watch the video. It appears that the coins were LIFTED(*cough*magnetically*cough*) and not PLACED on the ceiling! Talk to him until he opens a drawer. Check it to find that it is full of keys! Use the code to find out which one leads to the “Rooftop”. Go to the “Staff Only – Office” and look around until you see the door – this shouldn’t be too hard! Use the key to get in – if it’s the wrong key, just keep trying! When you get up, you will see a very fake sign with misspelled words – “Powa Box” – and a huge MAGNET – hint hint wink wink! I think we’re on to something! Use your spy phone’s wrench to unscrew the bolts, then once the fake fuse box is open, throw in the paper clip for a fireworks show! (”OW”!) Now go to the vault and correct your little agent friend, who thinks he miraculously made the coins fall down by simply standing guard! Talk to G in the Agent Headquarters – you still need to solve “whodunnit” – so you need evidence! If you just want to finish the mission, skip this part, but if you want to get the “Thank-You Card” at the end, follow the instructions. After talking with G, ’scroll’ to the right until you see a table with a lightbulb contraption. Put the lightbulb thingie – which actually turns out to be a flashlight – and go to the Town and talk to the crying brown penguin. He will tell you that the power went out in the Nightclub, so help him out. It is pitch-black, so use the flashlight.
Go to the Boiler Room – for those penguins who do not know, the entrance is hidden in a speaker – and click on the fusebox. Read the instructions and try to make all the lights turn GREEN.
When you do, the power will be back on! The brown penguin will be happily dancing on the dance floor. Now, back to the story!
Pick up the tuft of white fur in the vent near the giant magnet, and then go to G and report your findings. However, he will only analyze it, and then the mission is over without finding out the thief!! I hope they will announce it… Anyway, collect the medal and card (if you did the card thing).

However, there is one glitch that will make you unable to complete the mission…

First of all, when you are deactivating the magnet, unscrew the box, but DO NOT LOOK INTO IT YET. Pick up the fur, and click on it with the fur on your mouse. When you exit the box, the fur will have disappeared, but it still counts as having it, yet does not occupy a slot in your inventory!! But when you have to give it to G, you can’t, since it doesn’t occupy a slot.


Talk to G. Click “I was imformed an avalanch occurred at the Ski Hill. How can I help?” G will talk again. Now click “Where can I find the life perserver shooter?” G will walk over and open the Gadget Room for you. Talk to him first. Say “Thank’s G. I should go rescue the penguins now.” Now go into the gadget room. Go to the left until you see a shelf with a life preserver shooter, a life ring, a hammer, a shoe, a disguise kit and a pair of funny glasses. Pick up the life preserver shooter and put it in your inventory. Click the map and go to the ski village. Pick up a white piece of fur. Go to the ski lodge. Go to the right until you see the “gone fishing” door. Take the fishing rod.
Now go to the the sport shop. Go to the right until you see a penguin with a belt. Click the belt.
Now go to the beach. Walk into the lilghthouse. Go left until you see a boat with a rope on it. Pick up the rope.
Now go to the ski village. Talk to the brown penguin crying. Say “I’ll have a look and see what I can do.” Now click here —>
Now get the belt out of your inventory and put it on the twisty thing. Now click the map an d go to the Mountain. Click on the “Ridge Run” path. Click the middl path, then the left path, then the right path, then the middle path, then the right parth. You should now see a brocken gate with some torn tubes. Go to your inventory and put the fishing rod on the life perserver shooter. On that, put the rope on top. It should look like this:
Ok now click your contraption and click in between the broken gate. You will see 4 blue penguins calling for help. Make the pile of sticks (to the right) crash and fall. Now pick up the first blue penguin on the branch. Now you have 2 penguins on the life perserver shooter contraption thingy. Put one of them down on the branch again. Lower the other penguin (still holding on to the life perserver shooter thingy) down beside the branch so it picks up another penguin. Now you have 2 penguins holding on. Pick up the one that’s still on the brach so it makes 3 holding on. Now put them all down on the little cliff (to the left) so they start pushing the rock. The rock will fall over. Now pick up those three penguins again and lower them down in between the branch and the little cliff they were just on. They will pick up the fourth penguin. You have rescued all the penguins!

Now the mission will automatically take you to the ski hill. Talk to G. Say “Yes I did. I found this white fur at the ski lift.” Now take the piece of white fur from your inventory and give it to G. Talk to him. Now say “Any time G. You’re welcome.” Talk to him again.

That’s the end of the mission! Click get medal, get award and get letter for your prizes.

First of all you must have two computers. (Sorry for the people who don’t!!!) On the first one, login to the country selection part. On the second computer, login fully. Buy anything you want! (Logoff now). Now go back to the first computer. Login. You should have all your mnoey still there AND the item you bought!

This is a cheat that can make your penguin 9875876 days old! It’s really cool and plus it’s easy. First of all change the time on your computer. Change it to any time you want. (I changed it to 1990) Then Go to Club Penguin. Once you’re on, click the question mark on the chat bar. It’ll say how many buddies you have and all that, but look at how many days old you are. I looked and i was -6004 days old!

To be a Moderator aka. Mod, you have to be 18 years old or older. You get a shiny moderator ‘m’ on your player card, just like the one in the corner of the screen. Moderators can ban you, so you want to act the best you can when you see one. People say that the penguins with yellow and red party hats are moderators, but they’re not, so don’t believe that fib.

This is a new cheat I found. On level 19 in thin Ice, do what’s in the picture for a super cool surprise!

(I figuered this out myself)
NOTE: I think this only works on Macintosh computers.

This is not a very common cheat so it’s pretty cool. First of all, join a sled game. While you start to sled, go to Windows then click ‘minimize’. ( The page will go to the bottom of the screen). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, like I said I think it only works on Macintosh computers. Then, bring the page back up and you should be sledding in the sky! )

Here is a cheat for G’s secret mission for Secret Agents:
(I figured this out with my friends)

NOTE: You must refill your “0″ berry stock after you feed your black puffle friend for the first time or else the cheat WILL NOT WORK.

When you have finished making a fire and eating the fish, put the water on the fire with your puffle on the fire too. Drink the water. Then when your eyelids start to close, (for the second time you blinked) quickly give your puffle an “0″ berry. (He will go on fire as you fall asleep) When you wake up, the fire will be out, keep clicking on it (this requires some effort – it will not light after only a couple of clicks!). Then after you have clicked it a bunch of times the fire will go back on! (Now you can exit the cave)

In the end keep a fish on your rod and don’t let it go. When the big fish comes put the small fish (which is on you rod) beside the big fish’s mouth. It will eat it and you will get 50 extra coins!

Type in ‘I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX’ or ‘green commandor of __________ ‘ and choose a word. (eg. like, ‘green commandor of the walmart corperation) Walk around while doing it.

NOTE: This cheat hasn’t been working lately.

This trick can be complicated but I managed to do it after a couple times. Go to the mountain then go to Bunny Hill. Quickly click the map. When it says: “Would you like to join this sled game?” Click yes. Wait for someone to come and join the game with you. (Or if you had joined someone else’s game) You will be sled racing with the map. Wait 5 seconds than go to the town. Press “W” on your keyboard. You should be walking in to the sky. (To get back down click the coffee shop door) Now you can walk in the sky anywhere.

This trick is exactly like the last one. You go to Bunny Hill and do the rest until you get to the part where you’re at the town. When you’re in the town, press “W” but at the exact same time click the path that leads to the snow forts. Then you should be standing on the path!

Do the glitch up above. (Stay beside the sign that goes to the snowforts) Go to the farthest part of the path you can go. Click on the door to the Gift Shop. You should be walking over the Gift Shop.

Do ‘Stand by the sign to the snowforts’ except on the other path. Go all the way to the corner. Now click the Night Club entrance. If done right, you should be walking over the coffee shop.

NOTE: For secret agents only!
This cheat is very fun to watch, except other penguins can’t see it. Anyway, first of all you go to your igloo. Go to your igloo and click the tape measurer thingy. Then use your spy phone (or the secret passage through the sport shop) to go to the HQ. Then go to any member’s igloo. Try to pick up their items. (Just click on them) And you should be able to move them.

During the hole (and I mean the HOLE) game, DON’T collect ANY coins and make sure that you finish each level without ANY fuel. So the hole game you don’t get any coins. But, then when you’re at the point where you finish the game you will get 1,000 coins!

This is a fun cheat, because it’s simple and you get to have more buddies than the usual 100 only. To have more than 100 buddies you will need to have less than 100, depending on how many buddies you plan on getting (eg. in the 90’s if you’re only getting a small amount, and 80’s for getting a larger amount). Click on all the people you want to be friends with. Then wait for them to respond. Go to the mail envelope next to the newspaper and accept all the buddy responses. NOTE: If some say ‘No, thank you’, then it will not work, unless it’s only 1 or 2 and you asked many more penguins.

There are many cheats for Astro-Barrier. Here they are: Press “1”, “2” or “3” on your keyboard to start at level 10, 20 or 30. On level 7, wait when it tells you about the blue thingies hit the example one. You will get an extra life. On level 10, wait a minute and a blue ship will appear. Shoot it and you will go to the secret levels. On level 30, wait a minute and a blue ship will appear. Shoot it and you will go to the EXPERT levels.

This isn’t really a cheat, but I’ll tell you anyway. Here’s how. Put your mouse cursor on a penguin that you wish to stand on. Then press “Tab” on your keyboard. Then click on the penguin. Your penguin will move there and stand on it!

Go somewhere. (eg. the beach) While it’s loading, press ‘tab’ rapidly. If you do it right, you should see yellow boxes appear everywhere.

Find a wall item that is in a row that is on the floor. Double click it. It should appear on the floor. You can also put floor items on the wall the same way.

This trick is really easy. Go to the lighthouse. Go under the fish bucket. Click on the door but then quickly click the top of the room. You will walk up the walls. However, this first way may have been disabled, because it hasn’t been working lately. There is also another way. Here it is: First of all you can’t all ready be touching the wall. Now, quickly click on the top of the wall but a the same time quickly press the plus key and the minus key (alternating) on your keyboard. Then you should see yourself walking on the wall. (You can also do that from the top of the stairs).

Very easy. Press “T” on your keyboard and then click on a spot where you want to throw the snowball. Press “T” and click constantly and you will throw them fast

Super easy too. Press “W” on your keyboard constantly and you will wave your flipper very fast.

Click on the newspaper. Then click the thing on the top that says “WE NEED YOU”. Click on riddles, jokes, ask Aunt Arctic or poems. Then press “D” on your keyboard (in the box that says type your riddle or something here) and you will dance. Press “Tab” (or sometimes it works with enter or return) and you will be able to type things down on your dock and say them. Press enter to make your penguin say them. (Only works sometimes)

Do the same steps as ‘talk and dance with the newspaper’, but be wearing the proppeller cap.

This isn’t really a cheat. Well all you do is go to the ice rink, click somewhere to walk. (Click very rapidly).

Pick the puffl eyou want to adopt. When it says, “Your puffle needs a name”, just do a couple of spaces, then click next.

Weird discovery! Go to the Sport Shop. Click on the bottom left corner of the door. If done right, you should be automaticaly moved to the stairs.

First go to a safe-chat server. Go anywhere. (eg. the town). Click on the question mark on the chatbar thingie. Change ‘Ultimate Safe Mode’ to normal mode. Go somewhere else. (eg. the dock). Now, you will be able to talk normally.

Go behind the red chair. Then click the door which leads to the sport shop.

ROBOT DANCE (and other dances)
Undress your penguin completely. Then click ‘close’ (the X on your player card). Click the star on your dock (which is you) and dress your penguin in the clown suit. (The clown suit was only available during Halloween) But don’t close your player card this time. Press “D” on your keyboard. You will be doing the robot dance.
You can also do more cool dances with other clothes:

-Grass Skirt or Hawaiian Lei = The Wave

-Propeller cap = Hover in place

-Coffee Apron = Pour invisible coffee

-Pizza apron and Chef Hat = Raise the roof!

-Mining Hat or Hard Hat = Air Jackhammer

-Lasso = Do a circular wave

-Water Wings or Inflatable Duck = The Swim

-Electrick guitar or normal guitar = Air guitar!

-Drums and drumsticks = Itching yourself, or some kind of dance move

-Violin = Rubbing your tummy..? Air violin? You try, what do you think it looks like?

Go to the mine shack. Then go to the left side of it. Click the other side. Then quickly press the minus sign (-) and the plus sign (+) and click the other side constantly to walk over it.

Go to one side of the beacon light. Go beside it. (It can be any side) Then click the other side. Quickly click the plus and minus sign and the other side constantly to walk over the beacon light.


1. Put on a clothing item that makes you do a special dance. (Ex. propeller cap).
2. Do the special dance.
3. While doing the dance, open your player card.
4. Change your outfit to anything you want. (Ex. spring dress) DON’T EXIT YOUR PLAYER CARD.
5. Without exiting your player card, click on someone else’s player card.
6. Now click back to yourself. Do that a couple of times
7. Now exit your player card.

You’ll still be wearing the special dance item on. Except, when you click on yourself you’ll be wearing the second clothing item! That means if anyone clicks on your player card they will see the second clothing item, but your penguin in Club Penguin (walking around) will be wearing the special dance clothing item! You can walk around now.

WARNING: If you go to another room in CP, (ex. the iceberg) you will be wearing the second clothing item.

Another one:

1. Put on as many special dances you have at the same time as possible (special waves count too) and start dancing
2. Take everything off and then put on another special dance
3. Drag your player card to the side, but don’t close it
4. Walk somewhere else, but make sure you can still see your penguin, and then press “D” on your keyboard
5. your penguin should be doing the amount of special dances and or waves that you put on!

Go to Login fully. Once you’re on, you’ll see a white line under the chat bar. Click it. Then you will be nubbing.


Go to the Night Club door while pressing the left part of the door of the Night Club constantly on your keyboard. Than it will automatically take you to the path. Or, you can do it with ‘Stand by the path to the snowforts’, except on the other path.

Go to your igloo. Click on your puffle. Go somewhere. Your puffle player card will still be there, and while not at your igloo you can feed your puffle. (You can also make your puffle go to sleep, etc.)

I just found this one out… It’s a new cheat. First of all you go to where it says “PizzaTron 3000” but don’t press start. You’ll see a bunch of blue, green, and red levers on the machine. But beside that there’s a red lever all by it’s self. Press it. Then press start. You will make candy pizzas!

You can make your clothing items float!
First of all your penguin has to be wearing something. (eg. shamrock/St. Patrick’s day hat) After you have put that clothing item on, close your player card. Then open it again. This time, take off the shamrock hat and put on a special dance item on (eg. inflatable duck or water wings) – see ‘Some Club Penguin cheats’ and look for ‘Robot Dance (and other dances)’ to find out other items you can use. Anyway after you have put on the dance item, like in my example (water wings), don’t close your player card yet. Make sure that you can see yourself and your player card is not in the way. Then press “D” on your keyboard. The item that you were wearing the first time will FLOAT and with the second item you will be swimming out of water!!!! (or doing another dance mentioned in ‘Robot Dance (and other dances)

How to tip the iceberg

Ok…. there are many myths about tipping the iceberg and many crazy penguins who think they can tip the iceberg and many penguins who have tried every single way and tipping has not worked. All those penguins that you see every day trying to tip the iceberg are just completely wasting their time. Don’t try! I ignore all that….and you should too. Ok, to the main point: You can’t tip the iceberg!!! There!! You got that????


This isn’t really a cheat but if you rapidly (and I mean rapidly!) click in one place it will look like your penguin in gliding over there!




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  • 7. pinkngreen77  |  November 25, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    are there any other cheats for all computers

    Ziniker 3’s Comment: If you want to know go to

  • 8. skcs  |  December 23, 2007 at 1:27 am

    u can also just pull the lever for candy pizzas it doesn’t take genious to figure that out duh

  • 9. pingpongpen6  |  February 23, 2008 at 1:32 am

    hmm… there pretty good, nothing new tho. 🙂

  • 10. aeron  |  March 4, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    coooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll thin ice cheats

  • 11. pinkie298  |  March 21, 2008 at 12:26 am

    hey r u on? just wanted to ask if u think cran would mind if i used these 2 but i would like say that they r her cheats at the top cause i asked her and she didnt reply

    Ziniker 3’s Comment: I would say to email her to ask if you could. I can let you just copy them because they’re not mine.


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